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International Inspection and Quality Services
IIQS Customer Services


IIQS Customer Services
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The listing and general description of the different consulting services we provide:

We offer the following services:

* Quality Control of Manufacturing Elements

* Inspection and Control of Processes

* Vendor Surveillance and ISO certification compliance

* Procurement Control

* Manufacturing Goods Quality prior Shipping

* Check Pieces against Specifications and Norms

* Quality Consulting

* Process Engineering Consulting

* High Performance Work Systems

* Good Manufacturing Practices Consulting

Tacking Down a Memo

Here are some of the advantages our firm offers:

* Exhaustive Experience in the Defence , Automobile
and General Manufacturing Industry

* Competitive Pricing

* Industry Specialists

E-Mail 7

IIQS. Apartado de Correos 51. 33080

Asturias. -SPAIN-